The Good Gal

Carolyn Bourdeaux

Carolyn Bourdeaux is an insanely experienced and accomplished public servant and educator, with a killer resumé. She’s seen up close the way the American health care system can devastate a family’s finances, and she believes we deserve better. Bourdeaux came with in one or two KDTs (Kemp Dirty Tricks) of flipping this seat in 2018, and that was without running against an absolute clown. One of our best pick-up opportunities.





Roll Call:



The Bad Guy

Rich McCormick

Donnie Dotard retweeted one of Rich McCormick’s wingnut rants about the coronavirus, making him an instant Cult45 celebrity, so now he gets to be a congressional candidate, how fun. That this drooling quack been so dangerously wrong about the pandemic, over and over again (Hydroxychloroquine? Really?) makes me think maybe he’s not the leader we need right now. Rich is one of these new post-reality, post-sanity Republican leeches trying to latch a ride to power on Trump’s ass, and he absolutely must be fucking stopped.

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