The Good Gal

Cindy Axne

So, Cindy Axne found her way to politics in the best possible way; she encountered a problem that needed solving, (in this case, a lottery system for half- vs. all-day kindergarten in West Des Moines) and decided to put on her shit-kicking boots and solve it herself. Axne knows her shit and stays laser-focused on the needs of the Iowa 3rd. She holds herself accountable to her constituents, and fights for their health care. 10/10, would recommend.




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The Bad Guy

David Young

Researching these entries, I was surprised at just how little information of consequence exists regarding David Young, a former two-term U.S. Congressdoorstop. His Wikipedia page is just a photograph of cold oatmeal. Long story short, Young voted for the GOP tax scam and the monstrous AHCA, and his constituents fired him for it. Now he wants back in to do Trump’s bidding again? Fuck no. National Republicans are going to spend big to reinstall their docile puppet, but doesn’t Iowa (still) deserve better than Mr. Cellophane?

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