The Good Guy

Jared Golden

Marine veteran Jared Golden became the first Congressman elected by ranked choice voting when he swung this seat in 2018. Since then he’s delivered bipartisan solutions in Washington and excellent service for his constituents in Maine. Golden is certainly an independent thinker; he split his impeachment votes and endorsed Michael Bennet in the presidential primary…let’s keep his voice in the room.





Roll Call:



The Bad Guy

Dale Crafts

Dale Crafts is one of the Republican Party’s “young guns” and no I’m not kidding. I guess the cutting edge conservative up-n’-comers these days are rich old white men with medieval views on reproductive rights and marriage equality, dudes so wingnutty even their endorsements read like warnings. Dale is staunchly anti-health care, but manically pro-gun, an excellent fit for the death cult that is the modern GOP, but why would you let this loon write laws?

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