The Good Gal

Amy Kennedy

Amy Kennedy has a lifetime’s worth of experience in education and mental health advocacy, from New Jersey’s public schools to the boards of Mental Health America and Interaxon, and she’s running hard on health care, campaign finance reform, and all kinds of other good stuff. Plus, she’s not the biggest turncoat in Washington, unlike her opponent.

New Jersey




Roll Call:



The Bad Guy

Jeff Van Drew

Jeff Van Drew is a treasonous little shitweasel who unhesitatingly discarded his every professed belief after one bad internal poll. After riding the 2018 Blue Wave to Washington, Jeff’s refusal to back impeachment angered the very people who elected him, so he simply said “just kidding about everything I’ve ever said to anyone,” and merrily pledged “undying support” to a new Turd Emperor. HOT TAKE: people who believe in nothing except procuring power for themselves shouldn’t be lawmakers.

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