The Good Guy

Andy Kim

Andy Kim is a former national security official who decided to challenge his Congressman when his Congressman tried to strip millions of Americans of their health insurance, because unlike his (now former) Congressman, Andy Kim fights for his constituents’ health. He served his country from the Pentagon to the White House to Afghanistan before hopping aboard the 2018 Blue Wave, and he’s been serving his district with distinction ever since.

New Jersey




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The Bad Guy

David Richter

David Richter is yet another rich white guy looking to buy his way into politics any way he can. And it turns out if that meant going nuclear on a party favorite when Jeff Van Drew’s treachery forced him to find a new district to run in, well…no problem. Yeah, Richter is a bit of a carpetbagger, sure, but he’s also a cookie-cutter wall-building Trumpist, and if you still believe we need businessmen to clean up Washington, WOOO YOU CRAZY. PS, the dude literally moved jobs out of New Jersey, so caveat emptor and all that. 

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