The Good Gal

Dana Balter

Dana Balter understands from experience the challenges everyday Americans face; she’s lived paycheck to paycheck and navigated the health care system with a pre-existing condition. That’s why she’s always talking about helping folks get a “fair shot,” and fighting against economic inequality. An educator, an advocate, and an organizer, Balter has spent her life to date hustling to create positive change.

New York




Roll Call:



The Bad Guy

John Katko

John Katko was supposed to be one of those sane, rational conservatives who would stand up to Hairplug Himmler, but then it turned out the word “courage” had been entirely excised from the GOP dictionary. There are no moderate Republicans, only fascists and their doormats; John Katko is the proof.  Additionally, on issues from taxes to health care, he regularly votes against his constituents’ interests. Fire him. Fire him right now.

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