The Good Guy

Joe Cunningham

Joe Cunningham became the 1st Democrat to flip a House seat in South Carolina since 1986, but the GOP will spend heavily to win this one back. It won’t be easy, since Cunningham has absolutely delivered the bipartisan solutions he promised, including getting a ban on offshore drilling through the House. Joe’s not afraid to call out bullshit, with an air horn when necessary. In short, he’s a solid Blue Dog Dem, and we’re lucky to have him in this seat.

South Carolina




Roll Call:



The Bad Gal

Nancy Mace

Nancy Mace is a onetime Tea Party gadfly candidate who skipped to the front of the line when the gadflies took over. Mace worked for Trump in 2016, so she didn’t even have to sell out to join the treasonous modern GOP. She owned and operated this shitty little political gossip site where she published all this petty tripe, so OF COURSE Republicans are running her for the U.S. Congress. All the usual terrible Republican ideas are there, of course, especially on health care. It’s time for an all-Joe ticket in SC-1. 

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