The Good Gal

Elaine Luria

Elaine Luria was my favorite candidate in 2018, and now she’s my favorite freshman. A barrier-breaking 20-year Navy veteran, an entrepreneur, and…hell, read her bio yourself, I can’t do any better. Expertise, boldness, and a lifetime of service; this is what all our elected representatives should be like. Luria has a motto: Be Good, Do Good Work. She lives up to it. She looks out for her constituents. She led on impeachment. Let’s keep her around.





Roll Call:



The Bad Guy

Scott Taylor

So, Scott Taylor is supposed to be a moderate. So “moderate” he voted for the AHCA, knowing it would wreck millions of American lives. He also voted for the GOP tax scam, even as he neglected to pay his own taxes. Scotty’s actually super shady, from his business history to his campaign forging signatures in an attempt to get a vote-splitting independent on the ballot. Coastal Virginia fired this crook two years ago for good reason, and now he wants his old gig back? Hard pass.

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