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Great news, dear readers:Both The Worth and The Cost and MINE can now be purchased through! Scroll down to read more about them.


Djorn never asked to be King, but only those of royal blood can wield the power drawn from the holy Jevitine Mine, so…the job’s his.

Luckily, it’s been a long, peaceful reign; the burden’s never been especially difficult to bear.

But now a mysterious alien fleet seeks the Mine’s power, and Djorn is called upon to be something he’s never been: a warrior. He’s afraid he’s not up to the task, that he won’t be able to protect his city….

…and by the way, the power’s running out.

In the end…It’s his job. If he doesn’t do it, it doesn’t get done.

MINE is a story of love, leadership, and limitations, and what we do when the challenge in front of us is more than we can handle. 

The Worth & The Cost

The Worth & The Cost is a self-contained, stand-alone, 22-page story, a science-fiction fable for a Resistance audience celebrating the people who choose to come off of the sidelines and onto the front lines. People like YOU. 

It’s the story of Martyn, a palace guard, and Wyndym, an imperial bureaucrat, living under the oppressive rule of Emperor Penryck, whose selfishness and incompetence threaten to drive the planet into starvation, ruin, and riot. (Sound familiar?)

For Martyn, doing the right thing means putting his family first. But do you owe your children comfort…or freedom?

Wyndym tries desperately to improve the system from within, but what happens when she’s made party to a global atrocity?

And Emperor Penryck? He just wants to avoid getting any peasant blood on his nice, clean, cape.

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