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Marguerite grew up in a house on the highest hill in the valley; she loved watching the world go by her window. She could see everything. But it’s been a long time she’s been home.

Four years after her family fled the invading Nazi army, France is on the brink of liberation, and 17-year-old Marguerite darts stealthily through the woods she played in as child, eager to witness the moment her long-last home becomes free once more.

Instead, she finds a German machine gun crew occupying the bombed-out remains of her bedroom, using the very vantage point that once brought her such joy and wonder to keep the advancing Allies at bay!

MARGUERITE VS. THE OCCUPATION is a one-shot, standalone action fable about taking back your home, however tarnished.

I wrote this one during the transition period, while a certain fascist fuck tried so desperately to disobey the eviction notice the American people sent, so maybe I should be honest: it’s about getting the goddamn Nazis out of your house.

They can steal your home from you. Desecrate it. Defile it.

Home is never too fucked up to fight for.

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