ODD YARNS is a 22-page flip-book tribute to Marvel’s classic Silver Age double-feature titles, and the classic superhero values that would one day lead me to don a Captain America bathrobe and luchador mask to oppose the forces of American fascism with all the poop jokes I could muster. 

ODD YARNS asks…What if Nick Fury and Stephen Strange switched jobs? Featuring two titanic superhero origin stories: FRANK FRENZY, THE MAGICOMMANDO and WINSTON WEERD: AGENT OF C.H.A.S.M.! 

Taking advantage of the flip-book format, ODD YARNS features not one, but TWO incredible covers by the insanely talented Lane Lloyd, of smash Kickstarter hits Hunt for the Solavore and God Puncher!

Special Reward Returns

This time around we’ve a special rewards tier for fans of the blog: Your very own personalized Shower Cap Letter!

Cap composes a custom letter to an American politician of YOUR choosing, on an issue of YOUR choosing, in the Shower Cap Blog house style! One copy mailed to the politician’s official office, plus one for you!  

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Great news, dear readers:Both The Worth and The Cost and MINE can now be purchased through! Click the covers images below to check them out.

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