The Good Gal

Dr. Hiral Tipirneni

Dr. Hiral Tipirneni is an emergency room physician and cancer research advocate, and you’re already thinking, “holy crap, that’s a voice we could sure fuckin’ use in Congress right about now,” aren’t you? A proven team player and problem-solver, Tipirneni has been serving her community for decades, and this is precisely the sort of suburban district we’ve been flipping lately.





Roll Call:



The Bad Guy

David Schweikert

David Schweikert is so fucking corrupt, even members of his own party joined a unanimous House vote to reprimand his crooked ass. When he’s not committing crimes, Schweikert likes trying to steal his constituents’ health care, or get them killed outright, serving as one of the NRA’s nuttiest lapdogs. Still, history teaches us that Dave will pull every dirty trick in the book to keep his grift going, because he’s not one of those fun, noble, anti-hero criminals from the movies, he’s just a sack of shit.

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