The Good Guy

TJ Cox

An engineer and entrepreneur, TJ Cox was the 40th and final seat-flipper of the 2018 Blue Wave. And, like all our freshman, he’s been delivering for his district ever since, procuring needed funding for infrastructure and local farms, plus millions to research PTSD in our troops, and oh yeah, he led on the Great American Outdoors Act as well. A doer, and thus, a keeper.





Roll Call:



The Bad Guy

David Valadao

David Valadao got fired last time ‘round over his sinister attempt to steal health care from thousands of his constituents, and now he wants his old job back…during a pandemic. Since leaving Congress, Dave’s been spending his time walking out on lawsuit settlements over unpaid wages, and defaulting on loans. Look, I know failed businessmen are “in” in GOP circles these days, but California deserves better than a lightly-refurbished Trump stooge.

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