The Good Gal

Debbie Mucarsel-Powell

Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, the first South American immigrant to serve in Congress, is about two things: hard work and service. She brings valuable experience from the nonprofit sector to the struggle against climate change (crucial for her South Florida district), and a passion born of personal tragedy to the fight for gun control. And lord knows Debbie’s steady leadership on the Congressional Coronavirus Task Force stands in sharp contrast to her opponent’s deadly incompetence.





Roll Call:



The Bad Guy

Carlos Giménez

Carlos Giménez, as Mayor of Miami-Dade County, followed the disastrous Trump/DeSantis/Grim Reaper coronavirus playbook, perhaps assuming voters would elevate him to higher office if only to get him to stop killing them. Also, since Giménez is so corrupt he has a legit monorail scandal on his record, it shouldn’t surprise you to learn he’s waving fistfuls of CARES Act funding around under a GET YER BRIBES HERE sign. Just another servile Trump sellout lookin’ to crawl into the swamp.

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