The Good Gal

Theresa Greenfield

Theresa Greenfield fights to preserve the social safety net because she knows what it’s like to need it. When her husband died on the job, Greenfield found herself a young widow with a second child on the way; union benefits and Social Security helped her get back on her feet. Now she’s a successful urban planner, real estate developer, and Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate.

While her opponent serves only wealthy Republicans donors, Theresa Greenfield fights for public education, access to health care, Social Security…all kinds of good shit.

Senator Ernst blindly parroted the party line on COVID-19, emphasizing reopening before it was safe, and opposing mask mandates. In contrast, Greenfield suggests actually listening to scientists, what a bold fucking idea.

Even her dog Ringo is chipping in to turn the Senate blue. Surely you’re not so heartless that you’d disappoint Ringo. Or, y’know, thousands of Iowans crying out for real leadership for a change.

With her deep roots among Iowa’s farmers and unions, Theresa Greenfield can bring that change…if we help her out.





Roll Call:



The Bad Gal

Joni Ernst

Anti-choice radical.

Climate science denier.

Gun nut. 

Would-be health care thief.

Pig castrator. 

Friend to Steve King.

Joni Ernst is fucking awful all on her own, but on top of her bargain-basement wingnut failures, she’s also one of Donald Trump’s most loyal foot soldiers.

Ernst could have stood up for the rule of law at any point, but she’s failed every single test, up to and including impeachment. In the end, she’s just one more power-crazed Republican hypocrite.

Joni thought Iowa was safely red and only getting redder, but Donnie Dotard’s idiot trade war and disastrous pandemic response (which she thinks has been just great)  have her constituents desperately seeking sanity.

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