The Good Gal

Sharice Davids

One of the first Native women in Congress, Sharice Davids brought her devotion to service to this longtime Republican bastion. A strong team player, Davids has an especially impressive record on health care, including her anti-surprise medical billing legislation. Plus, down the stretch in our battle to save American democracy, she’s been a leader in the fight to save the Post Office from Turd Reich sabotage. Well worth rehiring.





Roll Call:



The Bad Gal

Amanda Adkins

Amanda Adkins frankly has a lot of fucking nerve even running, after her role in transforming my beloved Kansas into Brownbackistan. After her batshit wingnut policies crotch-punted the state’s education system, Adkins now says, “also I want to take away your health care, vote for me!” Amanda needed her rich father’s money to bail her out of a nasty little primary, likely because her reckless, anti-science coronavirus jabber proves her judgement remains extremely shitty.

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