The Good Gal

Hillary Scholten

What Hillary Scholten does is, she sees injustice and then she fights like hell to end it. She’s been a social worker, a civil rights attorney, she clerked at a U.S Appeals Court and worked in Obama’s Justice Department. Her passion for this district and the issues facing it is impressive and frankly kind of inspirational. Hillary is one of those people Fred Rogers talked about. She’s a helper.





Roll Call:



The Bad Guy

Peter Meijer

Peter Meijer is the hand-picked lapdog of the DeVos family, and you hate him already, don’t you? Young Pete worked hard his whole life to JUST KIDDING he was born into truly sickening wealth, and believes his unearned good fortune means he deserves the power to make other folks’ lives shittier. Meijer wants to keep hard-working Americans underpaid, but don’t worry, he also wants to take away their health care. I’d like to think we’ve learned our lesson when it comes to electing pampered rich boy bigots.

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