The Good Gal

Jill Schupp

Jill Schupp’s passion for problem-solving led her first to the school board and City Council, then the Missouri House, then the Senate, and she’s not done moving up yet. See, her St. Louis County constituents keep promoting her, because she delivers, on issues like day care safety and surprise ER billing. Even during this crucial campaign, Schupp hasn’t stopped fighting for health care and safe schools. Promotion earned.





Roll Call:



The Bad Gal

Ann Wagner

Ann Wagner is most famous for her unrestrained glee at voting to steal health insurance from millions of Americans, which is, y’know…demented. Before coming to Congress, Wagner spent years as a Republican political operative, which explains her partisan disdain for half the people she “represents.” Seriously, she really hates actually dealing with her constituents. In many ways, Ann is the perfect GOP CongressHack: a multimillionaire raking in donations from other multimillionaires to rig the system in favor of multimillionaires.

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