The Good Gal

Kathleen Williams

Kathleen Williams is the best candidate the Midterm Blue Wave (barely) missed, she has everything you could want in a candidate and Congresswoman: experience, excellence, authenticity, expertise, and so much fuckin’ HUSTLE. Williams’ well-earned rep is A) Knowing her shit, and B) Getting shit done. She’s laser-focused on Montana’s economy and outdoor heritage, as well as health care. ELECT THIS WOMAN!





Roll Call:



The Bad Guy

Matt Rosendale

Matt Rosendale didn’t take the hint when Montana voters rejected his plutocrat ass as a Senate candidate in 2018; I guess he thinks folks secretly really want rich white dudes to take their health care away during a pandemic, so he’s taking his faux everyman schtick out for another spin. Matt’s plan to use this seat to serve his Texas oil billionaire partners’ interests is pretty sinister, but what do you expect from a carpetbagging Trump sycophant?

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