The Good Gal

Xochitl Torres Small

Xochitl Torres Small brought her killer resumé as a water attorney and Senate staffer to Congress, along with a firm understanding of the issues facing southern New Mexico: health care, water rights, energy development, broadband access, and more. Republicans thought they could take Xochitl down by hitting her over her impeachment vote, but that plan hit a coronavirus-shaped wall.

New Mexico




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The Bad Gal

Yvette Herrell

This one’s a rematch; Yvette Herrell won’t take “leave us the fuck alone” for an answer. Before her failed attempt to bring Dotard-style hate politics to New Mexico, Herrell served on the board of everyone’s favorite band of corporation-humping ratfuckers, ALEC, ewwwwww. She won her primary by claiming to be the Trumpiest of Them All, which she proves by attacking the media and lying a lot. Another premature victory speech sure would be hilarious, though.

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