The Good Gal

Jackie Gordon

Jackie Gordon’s resume: 29 years in the Army Reserve, attaining the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, with four overseas deployments, plus 32 years as an educator and guidance counselor, with more than a decade on the Babylon Town Council, where she delivered big, especially for veterans. A lifetime of service. A proven, battle-tested fighter. Let’s help Jackie take her fight for Long Island’s working families to Congress.

New York




Roll Call:



The Bad Guy

Andrew Garbarino

Andrew Garbarino has been such an obedient little puppet in the New York State Assembly, his donor masters want to send him to Washington to cut their federal taxes for change. Garbarino’s own stated reasons for seeking this seat are full of cold political calculations, and eerily free of constituent concerns. This Dem-trending district was loyal to Peter King for decades, but Pete finally flushed himself off into the sunset, and we can absolutely beat this glorified accountant to plutocrats.

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