The Good Guy

Anthony Brindisi

Anthony Brindisi is one of our majority-makers, a co-chair of the Blue Dog Coalition serving in a seat that’s leaned Republican more often than not. Centrists may not be sexy, but Anthony’s (insane) opponent loves pointing out that he almost never votes with Donnie Dotard. Brindisi has been precisely the hard-working bipartisan moderate he promised to be, and he took a big risk in supporting impeachment, so let’s get his back, okay?

New York




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The Bad Gal

Claudia Tenney

Claudia Tenney SUCKS, y’all. A dutiful little Trumper, she gained national fame by insisting mass shooters tend to be Democrats, a claim she pulled directly out of her ass. (Claudia is, naturally, an NRA puppet) She’s one of those loons who blames everything on the DEEP STATE, including, I shit you not, Ben Carson’s $31,000 dining set. While in office, she also claimed the bullshit GOP tax bill “already paid for” itself, in a genuinely Trumpian display of dumbass mendacity. We got this one right last time; please keep this maniac out of Congress.

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