The Good Gal

Kate Schroder

Kate Schroder, a cancer survivor and health care advocate, couldn’t stay on the sidelines while Steve Chabot voted every ten minutes to steal health care coverage from millions. Recently, Kate has been working in Zambia to improve children’s health care; holy crap, does this mean we can actually have decent human beings in government? This certainly seems like an ideal time to have Schroder’s years of experience in both health care and politics in Congress.





Roll Call:



The Bad Guy

Steve Chabot

Steve Chabot is exactly the sort of corrupt, out-of-touch suburban Republican that’s rapidly going extinct, running hard on his failed, dated platform, his anti-choice record, and his anti-health-care-in-general record. Chabot’s hobbies include climate change denial, and calling the cops on his constituents for recording town halls. Steve-O is also a big ol’ impeachment hypocrite, with a giant campaign finance scandal. We actually sent this creep packing once before; let’s make it stick this time.

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