The Good Gal

Kendra Horn

Even during a Blue Wave, this seat shouldn’t have flipped, and Dems shouldn’t have a prayer of holding it now. The problem for the GOP is that Kendra Horn is freakin’ awesome. See, unlike her wingnut predecessors, she listens to her constituents, she fights for her district’s unique needs, especially during the pandemic. Republicans want to stop Horn before neighboring districts figure out they can have Representatives who serve the people, not just wealthy donors.





Roll Call:



The Bad Gal

Stephanie Bice

Oklahoma State Senator Stephanie Bice is a rising star in the GOP, which is something you only come to be by doing shitty stuff like opposing your own constituents’ right to health care, while simultaneously backing more taxpayer-funded pay for Stephanie Bice. An NRA puppet, a wannabe wall-builder, and an anti-choice fanatic, Bice is perhaps most famous for lying about having Mike Pence’s support during the exceptionally nasty Republican primary for this seat, and lordy, if you’re desperate/clownish/immoral enough to bicker and fib about that sad, hollow puppet’s backing, you’re certainly not fit for leadership.

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