The Good Gal

Wendy Davis

Wendy Davis was working to turn Texas blue before it was cool, and when it was way, way harder. With her famous 11-hour filibuster for abortion rights on the floor of the Texas Senate, she reminded us to fight like hell, everywhere and all the time. She understands working class folks’ struggle from experience. She listens and she grows and she fights. And check out this platform!





Roll Call:



The Bad Guy

Chip Roy

Chip Roy used to be Ted Cruz’s chief of staff, and that’s probably enough to make my case, but here are some other ways he sucks, if you need ‘em: he held up a disaster relief bill in one of his wingnut tantrums, he has wet, sticky feelings about drug company profits, and he’s had lots of crazy, racist, dishonest stuff to say about the pandemic. Roy sucks so hard he almost lost this seat in 2018 when nobody really thought it was in play. I’m sure he’ll be happier back on the Zodiac Killer’s staff anyway.

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