The Good Guy

Sri Preston Kulkarni

Sri Preston Kulkarni served the nation as a diplomat overseas for fourteen years before the sight of Nazis marching through Charlottesville spurred him to bring his fight back home. Running an innovative campaign targeting voters in 21 different languages, Sri is the perfect new Congressman for the New Texas that’s emerging. His healthcare-focused message nearly flipped this district in 2018, so let’s push him over the finish line.





Roll Call:



The Bad Guy

Troy Nehls

Troy Nehls is a local sheriff who is perhaps most famous for repeatedly downplaying his county’s notorious human trafficking problem. Before he was a shitty sheriff, Troy was a shitty cop, who got fired for “reasons including destruction of evidence.” Lately, he’s been a dangerous anti-mask/anti-science voice during the pandemic, even as COVID-19 spread through his district. Oh and he’s rabid Trumper, of course. Unless we want Gym Jordan’s Creepy Wingnut Caucus to grow, let’s keep this clown away from Congress.

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