The Good Gal

Gina Ortiz Jones

Gina Ortiz Jones IS the American Dream, folks. The resumé reads, “service, hard work, excellence, repeat.” A former intelligence officer with a long career in national security, Gina’s got legit chops. She knows her district‘s unique needs. Basically, if you’re putting together a Congress, you want as many Gina Ortiz Joneses as possible. In 2018, she damn near won against a relatively sane moderate, so now the GOP is so scared of losing this seat they’re playing dirty.





Roll Call:



The Bad Guy

Tony Gonzales

Tony Gonzales just barely squeaked by in a primary as nasty as a truck stop bathroom. From stiffing contractors to illegally having a campaign volunteer pose as a border patrol agent to, ahem, his mom calling the cops on his opponent, Tony is exactly the sort of ethical train wreck you’d expect Conman Don’s GOP to attract, which is why FUCK NO he doesn’t belong in Congress. That he’s running as a crazed Trumpist in this Clinton +4 district shows he’s too fucking dumb for the job, too.

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