The Good Gal

Candace Valenzuela

Candace Valenzuela overcame childhood homelessness to become the first member of her family to graduate college, going on to fight for her community on her local school board. She understands the needs of working Texans from lived experience, while her opponent wallows in the right-wing fever swamps. Valenzuela knows what America needs in 2020 is less Donald Trump and more John Lewis.





Roll Call:



The Bad Gal

Beth Van Duyne

Celebrity hate-monger Beth Van Duyne rocketed to wingnut superstardom when, as Mayor of Irving, Texas, she said a bunch of hellaciously racist shit to Glenn Beck following the Ahmed Mohamed clock incident, and she’s been vomiting up insane, hateful lies about “Sharia law” ever since. That’s pretty much the whole argument here, “Look how much I hate Muslims, please send me to Congress to hurt them.” Shitty person, shitty mayor…she’d be a super-shitty Congresswoman.

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