The Good Guy

Ben McAdams

Ben McAdams knows how to win as a Democrat in Utah, and that ain’t nothin’, because this one was a squeaker last time. And he’s been the Blue Dog he promised to be, earning accolades for his bipartisanship, but look at what you get from a “conservative” Democrat: look at Ben’s work on suicide prevention and immigration, his impeachment vote, heck, look at the whole dang platform! It’s moderate vs. maniac in Salt Lake City!





Roll Call:



The Bad Guy

Burgess Owens

Burgess Owens is a former NFL player turned manic culture warrior, throwing tantrums about antifa and “radical left” anthem-kneelers, but don’t worry, he’s also a dutiful Trump drone who hangs out with the absolute lunatics of the QAnon movement. Of course, Burgess believes the middle of a pandemic is a jolly good time to steal health care from thousands of his potential constituents. Ultimately, just another wingnut idiot who says stupid shit on TV.

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