The Good Gal

Abigail Spanberger

We knew we’d gotten an ass-kicker when Abigail Spanberger first rose up to challenge Tea Party maniac Dave Brat. The former CIA operative now fights for gun control and health care from a seat the GOP held for 38 years. And her leadership on impeachment showed the world that even our most vulnerable members were willing to risk their careers to protect the nation from Trump’s lawlessness. We should keep her around, is what I’m saying here.





Roll Call:



The Bad Guy

Nick Freitas

Nick Freitas is a cookie-cutter Rand Rand Paul/Heritage/FreedomWorks jackass who launched himself to wingnut stardom with a deranged, hateful, pro-gun speech on the floor of the House of Delgates that sounds like a bot after being fed 5,000 hours of Fox commentary. Anyway, young Nick is that magic combination of whinging victimhood, regurgitated talking points, and white boy mediocrity that drives Cult45 wild, but holy fuck he has no business writing anybody’s laws.

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