Ding Dong, the Bill is Dead!

Well, I tell ya folks…six months into the daily debacle that is the Shart Regime, I must admit…I’m getting tired.

…TIRED OF WINNING! Just as I was getting home tonight, I saw that Mike “A Human Being Who Allegedly Enjoys Spending Time With Ted Cruz” Lee and Jerry “Mad With Power Now That People Have Noticed He’s a Senator” Moran decided to torpedo the Rube Goldberg Murder Machine known as the Senate GOP Health Care Bill. (I know that’s not what it’s really called, fuck you, I’m drinking.)

Shartboy in Paris, or Vive la Cray!

So, the Shart Administration likes their little theme weeks. “Infrastructure Week” and “Golf and Naptime Week” and “Jesus Christ Can’t We Find Anyone on the Planet to Replace Reince Priebus Week.” Today was “Let’s Show the World What a Bunch of Bumbling, Brain-Dead, Malicious, Jagoffs We All Are” Day.

Shit Be Cray, Jr.

Well, usually there’s been a fair amount of insanity by this point of a Monday evening, but Fox News tells me that all everybody’s talking about is Smallhands Magoo picking up a hat the wind knocked off of a marine’s head, so I guess there’s nothin’ worth writing about, huh?

Mid-day Madness Check-In

Well, at this point I really am quite certain I’m plugged into the Matrix and the news is being fed directly into my brain by an alien bug robot that is also an aspiring espionage novelist. If, however, all of this garbage is actually happening, then it must be said that shit, as has previously been noted, be cray.

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